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If you're ever wondering "how" I came to where I am today ... or "why" I do what I do ... 

please click here to find out more about my story (ie, the full story behind my Why)




Adam was born and raised in Nova Scotia, a natural athlete who grew to perform at the elite level with a future open to him in any number of sports. As a child he driven, focused, and dedicated to pursuing a career in one of those sports. These critical characteristics – which have stood out for him his whole life – are what created both clearest path for his success – and, more importantly – the most devastating outcome for his athletic career.


Because he was so driven, Adam trained as hard as he could, as fast as he could, and unfortunately, without solid, physiologically based guidance. He just wanted to get stronger and stronger, and overcome any injury that stood in his way.


And so he did. 


Until he couldn’t anymore. 


Chronic injuries – the result of his laser-focus on success without the right training and care, ended Adam’s athletic career when his body simply gave out on him.


Adam had to rethink his future. And as he did, he built in a commitment to ensuring that no other young athlete innocently, and with such abandon, would realize his same fate.


And so, with a true passion for the world of sport and science, and with a heart for changing the face of youth sports training, Adam pursued a degree in Kinesiology from Brock University. This led him to correct his own physiological damage, but also fueled that passion for prevention: to help the next generation avoid his own mistakes. 





Adam believes in taking an integrated approach to athletic performance based on:

  • functional movement/ flexibility and performance assessments, 

  • exercise related nutritional evaluations, 

  • specific corrective/dynamic exercises and strength training workouts, 

  • unique recovery strategies,

  • optimizing nutrition and supplement intake

  • mindset training - confidence, focus, self talk,

  • cognitive behavioral approaches - habits, subconscious actions, behaviors,

  • and many others, depending on the specific client or scenario

Adam's core fundamentals are quite simple: 


Train with a purpose and do it right.


An elite hockey player should train to perform better at hockey, not to look good at the beach (although a chiseled physique is an added benefit of doing things right). 


Adam designs ingeniously crafted individualized training and nutrition programs for each athlete's needs and purpose. He's careful to develop the athlete to have solid form and fundamentals before attempting to lift heavier loads. 


Far too often athletes are asked to perform a movement with either too much weight or poor form, or sadly, both. If the athlete does not have the proper functional control over the movement, compensations occur leading to diminished performance and injury.





  • Kinesiology Degree (Brock University)

  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA)

  • Certified Precision Nutrition – Level 1 Coach

  • Certified Precision Nutrition – Level 2 Master Coach

  • 15+ years as a certified health and fitness pro






Obtained first personal training job "being paid by a gym" (The Body Shop in St. Catharines), in 2006

Met first of many incredible mentors - Dr. John Berardi 

Graduated Brock University in 2008 with Bachelor of Kinesiology

In 2010, ran the off-ice component of the National Hockey Institute, an elite hockey training program at Ridley College where he was humbled to work alongside hall of fame legend Igor Larionov, and many other elite players from around the world including Alex Galchenyuk.

During the summers of 2010-2012, Adam was fortunate to learn under the watch of Andy O'Brien, one of the world’s premier Human performance specialists. Andy trusted Adam to work with some of his premier athletes in the summer of 2011 including Jason Spezza, David Clarkson, and Max Domi to name a few. Even getting to sit in on  workouts with Sydney Crosby during Syd's return from his famous concussion and seeing first hand the protocols in his recovery plan! 

In 2013, Adam was named Director of Performance and Operations at Champion Athletic Development (CAD) in Vaughan, Ontario. It was this position that moved Adam and his wife Veronika from St Catharines to Stoney Creek where they now currently reside and run their dream high performance training facility (ALP-TI).

While the CAD position turned out to be a big mix-up and ended abruptly after a promising summer and discussions - in 2014, after being exposed to the Toronto commute and hating it - Adam took a role with a commercial gym - 5 Star Fitness as their Personal Training Manager and Director of Sport Performance where he was able to bring his Elite Hockey Program to 5 Star and delivered a high quality and highly successful program to the company.

While working at 5 Star, Adam was contracted by the Arizona Coyotes of the NHL from 2015 - 2017 to oversee the development of their prospects ensuring they do all the right things to get them NHL-ready and minimize chances of injury. During this time Adam was fortunate to work with some of the most talented young hockey pros out there including, Christian Fischer, Christian Dvorak, Dylan Strome, Brendan Perlini, Clayton Keller, and more! The Coyotes were recognized as having one of the top development systems in the NHL in 2016.

To really skyrocket Adam's abilities as a coach, and be able to bring together all of the relevant holistic components of a world class athlete, he completed the Adam has completed his Precision Nutrition Level 2 Masters coaching program, setting him aside as one of the very first and only a few in the world to complete this prestigious designation from the industry leaders in nutrition and performance life coaching. The PN Level 2 Master's program taught Adam how to bring together all his experience working with professional and elite athletes with his experience working with executives and CEO's.

Being both an elite athlete and now a successful entrepreneur and CEO - It's my passion to bring these 2 worlds together to create the super human.


I help elite athletes (often seen as modern day hero's and gods of strength and physique) think like CEO's and Entrepreneurs (often seen as our modern day philosophers and gods of wisdom) - and I help CEO's and Entrepreneurs live and look like elite athletes!

Wouldn't you like to be a god or goddess of Mind, Body and Strength!!

Finally in 2016 I took the leap of faith and opened my dream gym and high performance training facility - the ALP Training Institute. We're currently just starting year 4 of business (At the time of this edit), and after a 3rd year that took a LOT of revising, deep thinking, and unforeseen challenges - we're now set up for a big year of growth with a new phase of development kicking off! And that's a lot to be said considering we've been named one of the best gyms in our local city (Hamilton, Ontario), since we've opened! In 2018 we were named one of the 40 fastest growing businesses in the city and that was during a year of "paused growth" - imagine what can happen with "purposeful growth"! 




Adam is currently stepping into a new phase of growth at ALP. This is his 15th year as a health and fitness professional and he continues to develop a deeper passion for helping people optimize their health and performance, enabling them to live their best life! ALP-TI is set up for massive growth in 2020 and Adam has some big plans up his sleeves.


And to top it all off - Adam has recently joined the Archangel Master group as a visionary entrepreneur with a dream to help everyone break through the confusion in this world around health and fitness. Adam knows being a part of this exclusive group will help him fulfill these dreams and scale his ability to help more people in a better way than ever before! 

Over the coming months Adam will be launching a series of online courses that He's been working on for years - all related to helping people understand and improve their health and lifestyle to optimize performance and live a more fulfilling, successful life! 



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