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Personal Training / Coaching:

Want a more personal and hands on approach to training with a coach to ensure you're performing everything correctly and maximizing your results. This is it!


My team and I take a holistic approach to all our clients and we believe in helping people achieve a more active lifestyle and improve their performance. This goes far beyond just a workout in the gym, but is a support network for nutrition, training, and lifestyle choices!

Here's a little of how we help our clients achieve their goals:

  • Client focused coaching from some of the top professionals in the industry  

  • From 1 on 1 to semi-private group training (1-4 people)

  • Detailed InBody Medical Body Composition Analysis

  • Extensive questionnaires, often completed and reviewed before we even meet for the first time

  • Functional movement and/or performance based assessments to provide the necessary info to create a quality program directed entirely for YOU, not some cookie cutter program that won't meet your needs

  • Individual goal setting with actionable advice and strategies to ensure goals are met

  • Lessons and habits discussed weekly to be sure more good stuff is happening while more bad is removed

  • Individualized training program, based on your needs 

We offer various packages from a small 5 session "Intro to Personal Training" package to get a taste of what it's like to work with us, to short (3 or 6 months) and long term (12 month) personal training membership packages that come with a host of perks depending on the package you choose. Although you do not need a membership to ALP-TI to sign up for personal training, we do offer a 50% discount on memberships during your personal training package if you wish to train with us in addition to your sessions (recommended). We even offer pay as you go / pre-paid session packages to offer a little more convenience.

We would like to invite you to book a free, no obligation consultation to discuss the right solution for you.

To get started immediately and for free, please click the link below to 

complete our personal training intake form. To learn more feel free to 

shoot us an email or call during business hours.  

Please contact me to customize a package for your small group







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