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Business Consulting / Coaching:

After almost 2 decades as a successful entrepreneur learning from some of the worlds top entrepreneurs and businesses, I've been fortunate to acquire first hand experience how to take a textbook skill, and apply it to the real world.

And over these years sometimes failing to listen to that advise - I've also learned probably more about what NOT to do than most out there! 

One thing I can say for sure after almost 2 decades of experience - much of what's taught in today's business courses and textbooks are almost laughable when it comes to application in the real world. When it sounds good on paper, but hasn't been tested yet in the real world - it is actually good advise? Or is it dangerous advise?

Just like in the personal training world where there are some highly questionable people calling themselves "fitness professionals", the same (maybe even worse) can be said for the business coaching world. Especially in terms of social media and / or online coaching business coaches. We've seen lots of people hurt over the years in our industry, both physically and emotionally (and certainly financially).

Often, in the fitness world - someone is well intended, just maybe not well guided. They may think they know what everyone needs and genuinely want to help. The problem is, inexperienced perceived success is one of the most dangerous things for a young entrepreneurial minded person.

In the business coaching world, even if the intentions are good, this kinda thing exponentially speeds up the rate of "bad outcomes". 

It's actually pretty sad when people's fake videos showcasing them riding in multi-million dollar cars or planes are nothing more than a set up in the corner of a small room!


It's because of these fakes that I've personally decided to kept this website page private for the past 3 years.

See, I've been a high performance coach in terms of "human performance" the for the past 15 years. So naturally - if I were to promote that I also coach trainers how to scale their self-employed business or go ahead and open their own facility in a successful way - then it would hit on the skeptics side of, "but dude you're a trainer"

I didn't want to come across as one of those fakes - plus, I really needed to focus on the gym to get systems in place and on-board - promote the right people to have the business run more smoothly before I move on to other projects. 

So I plugged away at the Active Lifestyle and Performance Training Institute building one of the most successful fitness businesses in Hamilton since we opened. We've faced NUMEROUS challenges that were pretty tough / impossible to see coming including significantly impairing landlord issues and legal battles, staff turnover, lost members to protect culture, and more.

In addition to being one of Hamilton's top fitness clubs for almost 4 years, we've been awarded over 40 awards collectively in the past 3.5 years and have been named one of Hamilton's 40 fastest growing businesses in for the past 2 years in a row (years 2 and 3 of business).


During this time, personally I'm honored to have been named one of Canada's top fitness professionals 2 years in a row and am among the 3 finalists for Young Entrepreneur of the Year for the City of Hamilton, Ontario again for the 2nd year in a row. 

And now - after working with multiple trainers looking to scale their self employed training business and fitness business owners looking to scale past their pesky plateau - I can confidently promote my services and support as a business coach or consultant. 

So, if you're:

1) a fitness professional looking to take your business to the next level (any level from intro to years of experience)

2) a fitness business looking to scale past your current plateau / level of frustration 

I can say with confidence, I've been where you are and want to teach you how to get passed it! 



If you're one of these populations, when you're ready - there's 3 ways I can help:

1) Online Courses  - This is a DIY (do it yourself) type of service with an option to have a coach with you anytime you want. You will be provided an online course curriculum and resources to tackle the obstacles with the help of the program.

Cost: $29 - $999 (single modules, all the way up to 12 week flagship courses)


2) Half Day and 2 Day Intensive Workshops - Level Up Your Fitness Business in less than 24 hours - This is a DWY (done with you) type of service - we will work with you in person and after the day for a full month via online coaching and support to overcome the challenges you face together. There will be some guided solo work and collaborative efforts.

Cost: $249 - $2497 (event specific)


3) Customized Coaching Programs for Business Builders = Can be as little as a consultation and month of support, or could even combine a 2 day Intensive Workshops followed by customized duration of months/years of support based on level of need / growth. Designed to skyrocket your business immediately - and for years to come - This is a DW/FY (done with/for you) type of service - we will provide our systems and solutions for you to eliminate the obstacles quickly and efficiently so you can move forward quickly and confidently to new levels of business and service both now, and for years to come. 

Cost: $??? depending on level of support/coaching required/desired

Click here to schedule a connection call to discuss if we're a good fit for each other.


You will NOT be pressured to buy anything on this call - in fact - you cannot buy anything on this call and will not be asked for a credit card number. 

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