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Corporate Wellness and Performance Services

Why Workplace Wellness?


“Healthier and more engaged employees lead to healthier and more successful businesses. By investing in your employee’s health, you’re not only doing a great thing, but will also help your organization be more productive and successful.”  

Adam Lloyd  -  CEO & Owner ALP Training Institute


It’s no secret anymore, the research has clearly shown that an unhealthy individual’s lifestyle choices result in substantially lower productivity in the workplace. Employees with an unhealthy diet were 2-3 times more likely to report having experienced a loss in mental focus, energy, happiness, and productivity than those who regularly engaged in healthier lifestyle choices!


Our corporate wellness program goes far beyond just employees losing weight, eating a few more veggies, and doing some push ups. We believe in taking a more detailed and holistic approach to health, wellness, and productivity by working on easy to implement daily habits both at the workplace and at home. This approach to a more active lifestyle with a focus on performance is the core of our business and is literally what A.L.P. stands for!


Workplace Wellness Programs We Offer:

We make it easy to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle with programs and services that come to your workplace and can go home with your employees.


Workshops on Healthy Living and Nutrition

We come to your office location and lead an interactive workshop with your employees, and educate on how to live a healthy lifestyle in today’s busy, fast-paced world. The topic possibilities are endless, but generally revolve around nutrition, working out, sleep/recovery, mindset and/or gratitude. The workshop can be tailored to your requests.

Workplace Fitness Programming
We offer individualized online workout plans complete with exercise demonstration videos for each exercise of a program that can be tailored to the employee’s abilities and goals. Employees can modify the workout program whether they have a full gym membership or are exercising at home. For local businesses, we can send our highly-trained instructors to your workplace for a convenient and high quality workout option. Regardless of where you and your staff are located, we can build a flexible and effective solution that aligns with your wellness culture and vision.


Note: For local companies, we can offer in-business training, whether there is a full fitness facility or simply an empty room. We can also help with designing fitness facilities on a smart budget for companies looking to build an in-house gym for its employees. 


Core Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching: (Delivered Online)

Learn effective strategies to optimize employee health and wellness from our High Performance & Lifestyle Coaches to inspire the best in workplace performance. Be inspired, educated, and entertained while learning how to lead a more balanced, active lifestyle to optimize performance both in and away from the workplace!


Corporate Wellness Retreats

Our flagship service for companies and their employees! Totally customizable, we run 1-3 day retreats locally at White Oaks Resort and Spa in Niagara-on-the-Lake - or at a specific destination of your choosing (Carribean, Europe, etc). Retreats are that perfect “get-a-way” and is oftentimes exactly what a group or team needs to strengthen culture, reach a common goal, learn to trust and respect one another, grow together and as individuals, recharge and revitalize - and have a TON of fun together! 


Corporate Gym Memberships (Hamilton location): 15% - 50% OFF

Our Exclusive Corporate Memberships are perfect to help employees stay healthy for less. Our corporate memberships are up to *50% off our regular-priced memberships and include a free health screen for each employee, online program access for easy to follow workouts, and free towel service for convenience on the go workouts.


Custom Corporate Package:

While our core offers fit most companies, you might be looking for more in-house seminars or workshops. We can arrange virtually anything if you have a specific request. From employee wellness retreats, to mindfulness/de-stressing seminars and workshops; if you’re looking for something specific, we work with you to customize the solution desired!



“The engagement, reliability, and production of its employees are paramount to a business’ success” 

     - Adam Lloyd CEO & Owner ALP Training Institute


A company that invests in a quality corporate wellness plan that produces active and healthy employees will offer the following benefits:

Organizational Benefits:

  • Improved engagement and productivity among employees

  • Positive return on employee investment

  • Generally a taxable expense 

  • Reduced cost on organizational benefit plans

  • Reduced absent days and disability time

  • Decreased employee turnover and improved recruitment

  • Improved profitability


Employee Benefits:

  • Improved endurance and strength

  • Improved quality of life

  • Increased energy levels and concentration

  • Reduced stress and mental strain

  • Increased productivity and sense of accomplishment

  • Increased sense of happiness and fulfillment




Corporate Gym Memberships: Hamilton Location Only

12 Month General Membership Regular Cost = $65 / month ($780 / yr)

Corporate Rates: (1 yr shown)

1-14 memberships = 15% off = $55.25 / mo ($663 / yr - save $117 per membership

15-29 memberships = 30% off = $45.50 / mo ($546 / yr - save $234 per membership)

30+ memberships = 50% off = $32.50 / mo ($390 / yr - save $390 per membership)

  • HST not included

  • All Corporate memberships include:

    • 2 FREE comprehensive body composition analysis to evaluate the health of employee - $80 value

    • Complementary Towel Service - $100 value per year

    • Complementary Customized Nutrition Guide to help optimize health and wellness - $75 value

Month to Month General Membership Reg. Cost = $75 / month ($900 / yr)

Corporate Rates: (month to month shown)

1-14 memberships = 10% off = $67.50 / mo (save $7.50 per month)

15-29 memberships = 20% off = $60 / mo (save $15 per month)

30+ memberships = 30% off = $52.50 / mo (save $20 per month)

  • HST not included

  • All Month to Month Corporate memberships include:

    • 1 FREE comprehensive body composition analysis to evaluate the health of employee - $40 value

    • Complementary Towel Service - $10 value per month

    • Complementary Customized Nutrition Guide to help optimize health and wellness - $75 value




After almost 2 decades as a high performing entrepreneur, I’m passionate about 2 things = human health and human performance! When we optimize these areas of our lives and apply them in our business lives - production soars, success becomes the norm, and we all thrive! 


I look forward to the opportunity to help your organization improve its bottom line with increased employee engagement and productivity through improving the health and performance of your employees!


In Good Health,


Adam Lloyd

Owner & CEO ALP Training Institute


2824 Barton Street East, Hamilton

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