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Online Training Nutrition Coaching:


Looking for high quality coaching, but on a reasonable budget, well look no further this option is for you.


Everyone enrolled will receive the following individualized programs based on the results of an initial one-on-one assessment performed through in person if local or through Skype online (included in the monthly program fee), which includes:


  • Functional Movement and Performance Assessment with in depth questionaries to provide the necessary info to create a quality program that is directed entirely for YOU and not some cookie cutter program

  • Weekly Lessons and Habits to follow adding more of the good and removing the bad in a way to ensure rapid and permanent success

  • Personalized Goal Setting with strategies to achieve set goals

  • High Definition Video Demos for every single exercise of the program

  • Individualized Training Program (4 week phase – as many phases as desired – see options to choose from or custom options)


  • Everything the athlete needs from Monday-Sunday for the entire phase including; a detailed calendar, corrective exercises, soft tissue/self myofacial release techniques, flexibility (dynamic and static), activation work, strength training, conditioning, recovery work, and performance nutritional/supplement support.

  • The client has the option to train with myself every single workout if local (additional charges apply), or none at all, the choice is yours. Needless to say, you can rest assured that you will be receiving the velvet rope treatment and won’t be getting some generic cut and paste program.

  • Minimum 3 month commitment


Contact me now to sign up for your customized online training and nutrition program.



Complete Health Assessment:


A quality individualized assessment is the foundation of creating a personalized program design that is guaranteed to achieve your health and fitness goals.


Regularly performed integrated assessments will benefit you in many ways. Most importantly it will continue to point out the limiting factors keeping you from achieving your health goals, whatever they may be.


This is the crucial information needed to create a well designed program that will produce the best results. Without an assessment, any program is only your best guess. That may workout great, and hopefully it does, I'd much rather see you do something active then nothing at all. However, I always want to see everyone achieve their success quickly and safely, in a way that promotes optimal health.


Having worked with both professional athletes and active individuals, by taking this integrated approach I've seen hundreds of clients achieve their goals faster than they ever imagined. Whether the goal is injury recovery, improving abilities during the off-season training, weight loss, muscle gain, or something completely unrelated like getting a job promotion – you always want to know what to do and how to do it right.



Includes the following:


1. Joint and Soft Tissue Assessment    Tests the health of the body's tissues

                                                                   (dehydrated, tight, bound up) and looks for impinged/sticky or loose joints.


2. Functional Movement Screen             Finds your limitations among movement.


3. Performance Assessment                   Sets a baseline for your current abilities in speed/agility,

                                                                   strength, power, flexibility, cardiovascular, and reveals the areas needing work.


4. Body Composition Analysis               State of the art Body Composition testing providing incredibly detailed  results and

    and Nutritional Assessment               taking away all the guessing. Determines your current level

                                                                   of nutrition knowledge, highlights what you're putting into your body now,

                                                                   and identifies limiting factors to a healthy balanced diet.


5. Personality Profile                               Lets you know a little more about yourself and your readiness

                                                                   for behaviour change.


Contact me now to sign up for your complete health assessment.



1-on-1 Personal Training:


Want a more personal and hands on approach to training with a coach to ensure you're performing everything correctly and maximizing your results. This is it!


Everyone enrolled will receive the red carpet treatment. Literally, I'll bring my red yoga mat along for the assessment. Ok but seriously, there will be no stone left unturned here ensuring we get you the results you want. Private Training includes:


  • In Depth questionaries will be filled out and reviewed before we ever meet for the first time, providing a fast path to success

  • Functional, Performance Assessments to provide the necessary info to create a quality program directed entirely for YOU, not some cookie cutter program

  • Individual Goal Setting with strategies in place to ensure goals are met

  • Lessons and Habits will be discussed weekly to be sure more good is happening each week while more bad is being removed

  • Individualized Training Program

  • Everything needed from Monday-Sunday for the entire phase including; a detailed calendar, corrective joint mobility exercises, soft tissue/self myofacial release techniques, flexibility (dynamic and static), activation work, strength training, conditioning, recovery work, and performance nutritional/supplement support.

  • Minimum 10 session package


Contact me now to sign up and get yourself in the shape and health you want to be



Tandem Training:


There's no question, training with a friend or teammate motivates us to push harder than when training alone. I've got personal experience here and have seen it first hand training my clients. There's days when I don't feel like getting to the gym, but knowing my buddy is ready to go provides that external motivation to get there. And once there, we feed off one another to push harder. Not to mention, it's always a bonus when you have someone to spot you on that extra set you wouldn't normally go for alone.


So while doing a 1-on-1 session is fantastic for learning the fundamentals and perfecting the craft, there's nothing like having a buddy push and support you along with a quality trainer that ensures things are being done right.


Some argue that 1-on-1 training is still tandem training as there's 2 people involved, and they're not completely wrong here. I often train with my clients to provide that natural instinct to compete (it's in all of us). But this isn't the same as training with a friend, that's probably a little closer to the same level of development, and that you earn bragging rights over if beating them in a drill or exercise.



Check out the pros and cons of 1-on-1 vs. Tandem Training:








1-on-1 Training       

  • 100% attention of trainer

  • best for learning fundamentals

  • best for learning new skills            

  • most expensive

  • sometimes not as motivating

  • can be slightly intimidating


Tandem Training


  • reduces cost

  • friendly external motivation

  • less intimidating

  •  more social support

  •  increases success rate



  • slightly less attention of trainer

  • (no-one has ever said this is a problem)

  • can sometimes get distracted




Each service holds great value, if you're not sure which one is right for you contact me now with your thoughts and questions.


Contact me now to sign up you and a friend for a tandem package




Elite & Youth Hockey Summer Development Program:


Every elite athlete is looking to improve performance and decrease their risk for injury, and with so many options to choose from I want to share why you should choose Adam Lloyd Performance.


With all the training programs and options popping up out there, I wanted to share a little detail about our philosophy and programs for hockey players. A lot of the “functional training” and “sport specific” trainers and programs out there are simply cookie cutter approaches and just don't deliver on their promises. They sound really cool, but just don't cut it, not in the realm of purposeful, integrated, individualized, high performance athletic training.


My goal is to achieve both goals above, to improve performance and decrease likelihood of injury. I do this by providing individualized performance training and nutrition plans based on the athlete's goals and demands, while still providing a team oriented training atmosphere to ensure maximal growth and performance improvement.


Beginning in the middle of May, the High Performance Off-Season Summer Hockey Strength and Conditioning Program kicks off with a mini camp to assess player's current level of functioning. We then correct any lingering issues and provide a protocol to ensure these issues become a thing of the past, which then leads into the individualized program development for each player to be coached through during the summer months


Here's some of the things you can expect during the summer program:


  • Player evaluation and functional assessments to ensure proper program design

  • Correct muscle imbalances and rehabilitate any lingering injuries

  • Adaptation of nervous system to improve athletic movement and recovery

  • Integrated and individualized training program for each athlete based on goals/needs

  • Individual Nutrition guidelines and Supplement guide based on specific needs

  • Gain an understanding of proper activation techniques to improve performance

  • Improve speed and agility through track workouts and explosive movements

  • Enhance strength and power through safe olympic lifting methods (hybrid approach for athletes, not olympic lifters),

       plyometrics, and purposeful strength training

  • Increase flexibility and balance improving athletic movement

  • Lessons and Habits for players to learn and apply to everyday life 

  • Unique world class treatment methodologies



Numbers will be very limited to ensure proper attention is provided with hand picked and personally coached trainers assisting in the athlete-to-coach ratio.


Contact me now to reserve your spot 



Elite & Youth Hockey In-Season Coaching / Support:


Players work so hard all summer to get in the best shape for the season, only to fall apart a few weeks in. In-season maintenance is just as important (if not more), than off-season training.


Each workout is personalized and based on the needs of the player, focusing on specific corrective movements and body maintenance aiming to improve sport specific performance. Athletes can expect to learn and be coached through innovative strategies to sustain lean muscle mass during the hockey season. They will be coached to stabilize high levels of power, proper joint mobility and dynamic core strength which all help to prevent injuries and maintain performance all season long.


Before each program begins, athletes will fill out in-depth questionaries to gather as much information as possible to help direct the program. Then each athlete will be taken through an in-depth functional and performance assessment including specific movement patterns, strength abilities and muscle imbalances. From these results and follow-up assessments, a customized program is developed, adjusted, and monitored by myself and the other coaches. Coaching and support includes:


  • One or Two training sessions per week built into the athlete’s busy schedule

  • Can be done in person, or online through High Definition Video Demonstrations

  • Active isolated stretching techniques and dynamic warm ups

  • Corrective exercises and joint mobility drills

  • Pre-game preparation strategies including nutritional advice and activation techniques

  • Post-game effective stretching routines and nutritional suggestions

  • Strength, balance, endurance, agility and specific core training modalities

  • Sport and position specific conditioning / movement training

  • Individualized daily Nutrition/Supplement Guidelines


Contact me now to sign up for in-season coaching and support to ensure your game and health outperform the competition.

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